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On the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, you have the opportunity to engage in sports, whether passively or actively. There are plenty of options for water skiing, horse riding, sailing, paddle tennis and many other things, all in pleasant temperatures and surroundings. You can book your holiday home in the midst of all this with Sunset in Spain. Be sure to take a look at our website, “sunsetinspain.com”.
For a few specific sports, we have provided some more explanation below, in no specific order.


Football for you

Football is very popular in Spain, and nearly every city or village has its own football club(s). Men’s football is tough but fair. Women’s football is gradually taking off and is enjoyable in many ways.

Here you can find football at every level, and it is also divided into a large number of divisions. We won’t list all of them here, nor will you find information about the different clubs on this site. To find out more, have a look on the Internet for more information. Enter the name of the city or village plus “football”, and you should find all you need to know.

But we will gladly make an exception for the possibility of attending a match in the highest division of the Spanish football league, which is nearly always an amazing experience. The Costa Blanca region has representatives at the highest levels, such as Valencia Club de Fútbol and Hércules CF from Alicante. A visit to FC Barcelona is of course also always an unforgettable opportunity.

In the winter months, football clubs from different countries hold their football training camps and also play practice matches at Spanish grounds. An ideal opportunity to see one of your favourite football clubs in action.


Golf for you

We don’t need to tell you, of course, that golf is a ballgame where a small, hard ball is hit with a golf club from the tee in the direction of a point marked with a (small) flag. Or that the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans were already playing it early on in our era, albeit with a much larger wooden ball. And of course you also knew that the sports of hockey, polo and croquet are said to be derived from golf.

But that the Costa Blanca has more than fourteen 18-hole courses, some of them among the best in the world, developed by the likes of Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus, may be news to you. And that the Costa Blanca has its own Association de Campos de Golf, which manages joint promotion for about fifteen golf courses, may help you to make a choice in this golfers’ paradise, as the not-quite-objective sites all recommend their own shops.

So, if you want to walk eighteen holes, whereby you burn around 1,450 calories, depending on the hills of the course, and put a decent amount of energy into your swing, then the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, where you can play golf all year round, is the perfect location for you.
At Sunset in Spain, we have several rental opportunities at central locations between the different golf courses, but also in the middle of a golf course, such as for instance on the world-famous Las Colinas Resort Golf Club.


Cycling for you

The Costa Blanca, and especially its hinterland, is made for cyclists, although real scientific proof of this is lacking. But personal experiences also count, maybe even double on the Costa Blanca, and those we have.

For pros or semi-pros, for established or beginning amateurs, for racing cyclists or mountain bikers, the Costa Blanca is a (quite often literally and figuratively) breathtaking location for cyclists, with Calpe and Denia as the absolute training centre of the top cycling teams in the winter months. A fantastic sight, to see those healthy, not yet fully trained guys fly past in perfect order and cadence, while you, happily labouring on your mountain bike, crawl up a tough hill on your way to your destination at the Coll de Rates mountain restaurant.

This ideal cycling area makes beautiful day trips possible for every pro or cyclist (preferably with some gears on his or her bike), varying from 30 km (beautiful countryside and coast kilometres) to 130 km (during which a few very tough hills can be conquered). On your own or with a group, possibly led by one of the guides. But always with a cycle helmet and extra water.